Are These Anti-Trumpers Demon-Possessed? [WARNING: graphic content]


This is a real question.

You can answer it for yourself however you want, I’m just going to present some videos.

To paraphrase my friends over at Fox News, “I report, you decide”.

Ok, let’s get started.

The whole idea for this article came from watching a truly disturbing video of what is said to be an ASU Student screaming about Trump.

Fair warning for this next video and really the whole article:  this is disturbing content.  It uses disturbing language and has violent, disturbing messages.

You have been warned.

And it’s actually that warning that leads me to ask the question….Are these people demon-possessed?

Are these demons manifesting?

Because I don’t know how else you describe this.

This is something that seems very non-human, screaming about “slashing their f**king throats”.

And looks at his eyes and face.

Look at the facial contortions.

Has this person lost control of their body?

Is a Demon contorting his face?



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