Burger King Bows To Muslims in South Africa, Drops “Ham” In “Hamburger” To Not Offend

It's not just governments or schools bowing down at the feet of Islam anymore.

It's major worldwide corporations.

Fast food chains like Burger King are taking action to keep Muslims happy and enacting efforts to avoid offending members of the so-called "religion of peace."

In South Africa, Burger King is even dropping the "ham" part of the word "hamburger" on the menu so that Muslim's won't take offense at the mere mention of a pork dish.

Keep in mind that Burger King is changing the names of meals on its menu despite the word origins of the word "hamburger" not having anything to do with actual ham.

The etymology of "hamburger" refers to the German city of Hamburg.

It has nothing to do with pork!

Business Insider has more details on Burger King bowing down to Muslims in South Africa:

Burger King in South Africa is dropping the word "ham" from its menu, after adding bacon at some of its stores, in order to be respectful of Muslim customers.

On Friday the chain confirmed it has changed the names of three of its products. What was previously known as a "Double Spicy Hamburger" will now just be a "Double Spicy Burger"; the "Triple Hamburger with Cheese" becomes the "Triple Burger with Cheese", and a "Hamburger King Jr" on the kids menu will now be just a "Kids Burger". 

The names are being changed "to be more respectful of" its halaal client base, the chain said in a statement.

The name changes will apply across all Burger Kings in SA, including those that now serve bacon. 

Summit News gave more insight into the decision by Burger King to change their menu item names in order not to offend Muslims:

The change is being made despite the fact that the “ham” in hamburger has nothing to do with pork and relates to the German city of Hamburg, where the patties were first made.

However, the company admitted that its outlets in South Africa would be losing their “halal” certification because of popular demand for some sandwiches to include bacon.

This all appears to be a very awkward, or you could say – ham-fisted – attempt to be politically correct.

But, it's not like other fast food chains are changing their menu to better serve Muslims, right?


At over 200 locations, Subway has removed ham and bacon, instead replacing it with the brutally-processed Muslim "Halal meat."

To give Burger King some credit where it's due, its South Africa locations, which had previously given serving Halal meat a go, just stopped serving it up. 

This was why Burger King felt the need to compensate by taking out the "ham" part of "hamburger."

But, Subway is still dishing up Halal meat.

In case you don't know, Living Gospel Daily has more of the gritty details into the way this meat is served and Subway's decision to do so:

It looks like we may have another company to boycott.  

As reported by the DailyMail, Subway has bowed to the demands of Muslims by removing ham and bacon from over 200 stores.  And here’s the worse part: they’ve replaced it with “Halal Meat”.

You might say, that doesn’t sound so bad.  But then I’d venture to guess you don’t know what Halal Meat is.  It’s a very brutal, pagan and absolutely disgusting practice that requires

1) the animal to be killed with a sharp knife by cutting the windpipe and draining the blood while the animal is conscious (hmmm, sounds a lot like ISIS to me!)

2) shouting Allah akbar three times (also sounds a lot like ISIS to me!)

Don’t believe me?  From the DailyMail:

To be halal, the food must have come from a supplier that uses halal practises. Specifically the slaughter must be performed by a Muslim, who must invoke the name of Allah prior to killing the animal. Commonly a person will say ‘Bismillah’ (‘In the name of God’) before repeating ‘Allahu akbar’ (‘God is the greatest’) three times.

The animal is then slaughtered with a sharp knife, by cutting the throat, windpipe and blood vessels in the neck without cutting the spinal cord. The blood must then be drained from the veins of the animal.

Traditionally and according to Islamic scholars an animal must be conscious while slaughtered.

Folks, this is not just some quaint little religious custom.  This is outright satanic, pagan worship.  And they’ve now forced Subway to participate in it for the supply chain to over 200 stores.

If you can’t recognize how evil this practice is, then you’re not thinking clearly.  It’s wrong on both a physical and spiritual level.

Absolutely sickening.

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