Doctor Fired For Transgender Pronouns, Court Rules Bible “Incompatible With Human Dignity”


A British court has just ruled that the Bible itself is "incompatible with human dignity," in a case involving a Christian doctor who was fired after refusing to use transgender pronouns at his place of work.

Dr. David Mackereth had allegedly told his manager that he would not, "call any 6-foot bearded man madam," in a hypothetical scenario.

This is what got him fired from his job, prompting Mackereth to take the case to an employment tribunal, who just ruled that he was rightfully terminated.

In the ruling, the court decided that Mackereth's biblical beliefs had no place in modern "woke" society, specifically condemning Genesis 1:27, which says:

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

The court directly stated,

"Belief in Genesis 1:27, lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others."

This is the state of the legal system, folks.

The courts as much as anything else now follow the religion of secular globalism and not the true religion of Jesus.

Here's the breaking news of the court's decision that is stirring the pot on Twitter:


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