No, “Liddle” Adam Schiff Is Not a Typo, President Trump Sending a Big Message

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Have you been following "Liddle-gate"?

Wondering what it all means?

Here's the quick story in case you haven't been keeping up with all the details.

Last week President Trump sent out a Tweet referring to "Liddle' Adam Schiff".

CNN picked up on it and said he spelled "Little" wrong.

Take a look:

In fact, President Trump actually used that spelling in TWO different Tweets last week, two days apart!

Here's the second one:

So the question remains, did he spell it wrong intentionally?

Or is there a message in it?

Well, since CNN doesn't really do any actual reporting, the task falls to us.

CNN might be surprised last week isn't the first time President Trump has used this specific spelling -- WITH the apostrophe at the end.

From back in 2018:

Let's summarize: we have at least 3 instances of that spelling, a year and a half apart.  

There are probably more, but those are 3 I found quickly.

So you have to ask yourself, has is Donald Trump so dumb that he spelled "little" wrong -- the exact same way wrong -- three times?

Oh, and did I point out that they all have the apostrophe at the end to like this >> Liddle'

So he spelled it wrong 3 times, all the same way, and he tacked on an apostrophe to the end of each word?

That would be REALLY odd!

No, I think the only conclusion you can draw is that the Very Stable Genius (and I mean that in sincerity) is sending an intentional message.

Then the question shifts (no pun intended) to asking "What message is he sending"?

Here's where it gets bumpy friends.

Buckle up!

And any Snowflakes, depart now!

Here we go.

Have you heard of the Liddle Kidz Foundation?

Yup, it's a real thing.

It's focused on "rescuing" impoverished and orphaned childrend, and then (this is normal right) giving them "pediatric massages".


I'm not making this up.

Take a look:

Here's their official YouTube channel with a video telling all about it:

From the YouTube description:

This film offers a glance into Liddle Kidz® Foundation's international outreach programs providing infant and pediatric massage throughout Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City all the way north to beautiful Ha Long Bay.  Throughout the journey, Tina Allen, founder of Liddle Kidz® Foundation, will share her vision of how each child in the world benefits from nurturing touch and how we strive to make a difference in global communities all over the world.  Simply using the power of touch, we have the power to enable our children to reach their full potential.

The power of touch?

You mean like rubbing down kids?

Weird!  Creepy!  

Here is more on Schiff's alleged connection, from WhiteWaterTruth:

Liddle Kidz Foundation has been mentioned all over social media after a tweet from President Trump on February 18th, 2018. “Liddle” is thought to refer to Liddle Kidz. While Adam Schiff’s connection is not quite clear at this time, his jurisdiction in California covers the 818 area code number of the foundation’s phone number, although Liddle Kidz claims an address in Vancouver, WA.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.10.46 PM

Tina Allen’s foundation offers an opportunity to become certified in either pediatric or infant massage. According to their volunteer listing, Liddle Kidz’s mission statement includes the following: “Liddle Kidz Foundation Global uses the power of touch to reach the world’s most vulnerable children with experiences of appropriate nurturing touch that they often lack.”

Instead of just training parents and caregivers, they seem to deploy volunteers from all walks of life to vulnerable populations. Under the description on the aforementioned website, “Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteers work with orphanage, healthcare, childcare and residential settings worldwide on short-term assignments. During these volunteer programs, LKF Global volunteer ambassadors share their expertise to improve the lives of infants, children and their caregivers…

Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteers come from all walks of life – men and women, massage therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, recreation therapists, child life specialists, yoga practitioners and early intervention specialists (to name a few).”

Seems like quite a broad list of types of people they will take as volunteers. I’m sure (I hope) that they run background checks on the people they train or accept as volunteers, but there’s a problem. Not every pedophile has had a conviction or is a registered sex offender. Not only that, but going to populations that don’t speak the same language, and might not know what the foundation’s intentions are, creates a mismatched power dynamic, favoring these massage therapists.

Liddle Kidz seems to be a relatively small operation. On the last available 990, filed for 2015, their total assets are listed as $136,122.00. On social media, it’s evident that Tina Allen travels with her son, offering her expertise around the world. But what of all these masseurs and masseuses that she trains or accepts as volunteers?

The following is purely my opinion. A quick look at Adam Schiff’s public Instagram shows several pictures with young children. Of course this is a very common political strategy, and nothing in and of itself to be alarmed at. However, does this look like a happy time to you?

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.37.30 PM

As we see in Schiff’s Instagram post from April 14, 2015, he posts a picture from “our trip to Haiti last week.”


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.43.40 PM

As we know, the United States government hasn’t had a good track record in aiding Haiti, as blatantly demonstrated by the Clinton Foundation. While this doesn’t associate him with Liddle Kidz, it does raise some red flags. That child does not look comfortable to me.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.46.42 PM

Random kids wandering around Al Zaatri. Ok?


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.47.02 PM

Ah yes, Hollywood. Where they’re notorious for treating children with dignity and respect.

Even the DailyKos has reported on the theory:

So after making my snarky comment, a few minutes later I get a private message telling me this is much more complicated than I understood. Along with some comments about this not being about partisan politics but rather about an unknown, but written-in-code, struggle between the very essence of good versus evil, I was told to research the Liddle Kids Foundation. And what “has been found” about Adam Schiff. 

The Liddle Kids Foundation appears to be a foundation that promotes touch therapy for children who have grown up in abusive or  neglectful circumstances. Apparently the ubiquitous “some people” say it is a front for pedophiles. I don’t know the basis for those allegations and am not willing to do further research at the sites where I saw this because, frankly, I’m afraid some digital STD might infect my computer. But I can tell you these allegations were in tandem with discussions about “Pizzagate”.  Further, it appears that the same “some people” say Rep. Schiff is a part of this ring because the Foundation has done some “training” in his district. Again, I’ve not done any further research as to why “some people” say this for the same reason mentioned above. I’m also not linking to that information because I don’t want to be a part of spreading it. 

Suffice it it to say, my Facebook friend made it very clear, that among whatever “sources” he has, the otherwise apparent misspelling of “Little” as “Liddle” is deliberate code related to the ongoing war occurring under cover of darkness. (Not my words).  And that Trump’s tweet using the misspelling is part of a “trail of breadcrumbs”  that can be put together to understand what is really going on with this world. But only if, also too, you have an understanding of the “comms of military intelligence” that allow you to deeply think about and understand the trail of breadcrumbs that lead to how this “war” is really being fought. 

In other words, this tweet by the, hopefully, soon-to-be-not-President, involves yet another crazy dark webish conspiracy theory that he ascribes to. And tweets about. Out loud. For everyone to hear.  From his official Twitter account as the what-used-to-be-known-as-leader-of-the-free-world. 

So, long story short, he means it when he says he didn’t misspell the word “little”. It was deliberate. But  it it was deliberate Captain Crazy-pants stuff. 

**Nothing in the darker recesses of the internet explains calling an apostrophe a hyphen or the unpresidented spelling of the word “discribing”.  I’ll let somebody else’s Q-non friend figure that out.

For even more reading, go here.   

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